Softube Console 1 MKII

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Introducing the Hybrid Backpack/Studio Mixing Surface Solution

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Are you convinced that the only way to get a rich analog sound is through a fully-fledged studio? 

Struggle with getting that lush, desirable quality because of astronomical costs; I found an SSL E 4000 on eBay for $30,000 yesterday. Do you have that kind of cash laying around? (I know I don’t…)

Wish you could get more mix time with your ears while working in your DAW based studio, anytime, anywhere?


I have this really, really cool setup, the Softube Console 1, which basically feels very much like a console. It's an emulation of a [SSL] 9000 or a 4000 desk. I'm really getting to love it…The mixes that are coming out are really, really cool.” 

Michael Brauer, Seven Grammy Awards, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Cold Play


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Not only is Softube’s Console 1 finding its way into the center of Grammy award winning artists’ set ups, it’s also a convenient, travel backpack size.

At just 

•        16.85 inches (428mm) in length, 

•        by 7.441 inches (189mm) in width, 

•        by 1.654 inches (42mm) in depth, 

This mixing surface is the solution for the any artist and engineer who fantasizes about bringing their studio on the road without losing functionality. 

It’s like…

Having an Analog Channel Strip in Your Backpack

Aside from being nominated for, and winning 14 awards (think Professional Audio Editors Choice Award, Sound on Sound, etc), the Console 1 brings listening front and center to your DAW with expanded analog control. 

Kick the bad habit of ‘studio eyes’, and focus on studio ears—the ability to hear deep inside a track. As Bobby Owsinski puts it, “If it feels good, it is good!” (Btw, he coined studio eyes and ears, too).

Plus, you get the sound of a classic analog console through Softube’s renowned console emulation plugin. Out of the box, you get the SSL E 4000 emulation. But you can purchase different emulations too, like the British Class A, and the SSL XL 9000 K.

With the Console 1’s Swedish made components and encoders, you get hands on control of each track with an intuitive strip of channel selectors at the top of the device.  Pluscontrol over:

•        Input section featuring gain, phase invert, high cut filter, and low cut filter.  

•        4-Band EQ

•        Compressor section with dry/wet knob for parallel compression 

•        Solo, and solo safes 

•        Mutes 

•        Volume

•        Pan

•        and LOADS more time saving, ear engaging features.

•        Plus, access to your entire output section: 

Also, Softube has included…

Two Secret Weapons for Blowing Your Clients and Audience Out of the Water With Your Mixes:

•        Drive (the secret sauce): Set the drive to 5 and you get SSL E 4000 console emulation. Push it harder for interesting harmonic coloring. Use this to glue your mix together and add a definitive character to your sound that your clients and audience will love to share.

•        Transient Shaper: Add more punch to your percussion. Or, apply it to your tracks to soften them up. You also get direct access to a gate in this section, further sculpting the classic sound you offer your clients and audience, keeping them coming back for more.

With the perfect marriage of a mixing surface and plugin software, you get sound, functionality and improved workflow that will help you produce better sounding mixes, FASTER. Propelling you forward in your career.

Enhance Your Workflow in the Studio, or on the Road—Do What You Love With Confidence

Expanded channel strip functionality aside, the remarkable opportunity that lies in this sweet little device is it’s durable, portable design. Softube has thought of everything a modern music producer could want in a totable chassis. With all the tactile mix features and:

•        USB Power—keeps energy use low, reducing studio overhead and keeps the hardware travel ready.

•        No Onboard DSP—makes for greater energy and CPU efficiency so you can bring the studio with you, and increase your project output.

•        Perfect integration with DAW’s that use AAS, VST, VST 3 or AU plugins—ensures you output professional sound quality.

•        LED Parameter Setting Display lights—makes it easy to snap pictures of settings for your session notes so you can document exactly what you did making settings recall a snap.

•        Softube and UAD Plugin Compatibility—Maintain all of your mixing surface functionality while you customize your sonic pallet’s character with some of the best plug-ins in the business.

•        And more!

You get the capability, rich sonic character, and workflow of a fully-fledged studio environment where ever you are. And you get the peace of mind that comes with a remarkably energy efficient, CPU friendly set up.  So, let’s make a deal…

Want the Sound and Functionality of a $30,000 Console for a 98.17% Discount? 

At $549 dollars MSRP, Softube’s Console 1 MKII is a heck of a deal— especially when you see the $30,000 price tag for an SSL E 4000 console. In fact, I’m confident that you won’t find another tool that brings premium design, functionality and sound quality at this price point. It’s probably why

Russ Hughes said,


Console 1 is not a control surface; it's the closest thing to having an analogue mixer, without all the downsides. I didn't understand the Console 1 before, but now I do and I love it.—Russ Hughes, Mix engineer


And to top it off, the fine folks at Sweet Water have arranged an extra

9.01% discount for you if you order today--$50 off the MSRP!

So, what are you waiting for? At $499 the Console 1 MkII is a steal, and could be the tool that helps you advance your career as an artist, engineer, and producer.

Check it out!

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Tech Specs


Softube Plug-in Controller

Computer Connectivity



1 x Type B


Console 1 MKII software, SSL SL4000 E emulation plug-in


Softube plug-ins, Universal Audio plug-ins (call for those compatible), Presonus Studio One, Cakewalk Sonar


Intel Core 2 Duo or higher, 2GB RAM minimum

Requirements - Mac

Hardware Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher, 2GB Requirements - PC RAM minimum

OS Requirements -

OS X 10.9 or later Mac

OS Requirements - Windows 7 (64-bit), 8, 10 (Anniversary update not PC         yet approved), 64-bit

Power            Bus powered

Height            2" 

Depth             7.5" 

Width             17" 

Manufacturer Part



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