Increase Revenue with Customer Focused Web Content

According to Hubspot:

·   65% of online marketers struggle with generating traffic and leads.

·   26% Struggle with managing their website.

·   17% struggle with hiring top talent.

Let me help you tackle these issues with custom, optimized web content services. Here are my offerings:

Web Content Analysis and Consulting

Get clarity about your Audio/Visual company's website. Discover what you have going for you, and what can be improved. You get a detailed document with snap shots of your web pages, and the competitors, with a graded analysis (based off of a 35-point usability checklist) and feedback. Take the guess work out with a detailed plan.

Website Creation/Overhaul

Work through THE 7-step process for website optimization and creation; turning more web visitors to paying customers. Developed by Pam Foster to guide web content writers (that's me) and Business Owners, CEOs, and Marketing Managers (that's you) to a completed website that generates revenues, proves ROI, and expands budget.

Content Updates

Improving search rankings, conversions and brand loyalty all have a common thread: regular additions to your AV business' informational offerings. Original, up-to-date content lets audiovisual buyers and search engines know that you are alive, well, and open for business. Let me help you rank higher in searches to ensure you get more traffic that converts.