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Build Brand Loyalty Through a Customer-Focused Audit for Your Audiovisual Business

According to the B2B Usability Report, conducted by Huff Industrial and Ko Marketing:

·   46% of respondents stated, “Lack of Message (can’t tell what a company does) as a website element that annoys them, causing them to leave a website.

·   44% of respondents answered, “No Contact information/Phone Number,” as the cause for the leaving a vendor website.

·   37% of Respondents indicated Poor Design or Navigation as an annoyance that causes them to leave a website.

Many north western companies don't consider these essential pieces of information when constructing their web pages. That's why I'm offering a professional website audit for Pro Audio and AV businesses.

This process spans the first 4 steps of AV Business Communications’ 7 Step strategy for Website Creation/Overhauls.

Here’s a little more detail on what you’ll get from a page by page analysis of your audiovisual business website:

35-Point Usability Content Checklist With Grade:

This looks at your AV or Pro Audio website from your audience’s perspective. It evaluates:

·   Site Identity—Is your website clearly communicating who you are, what you do for the customer, and the unique value you bring to the customer? Are you using words they would use?

·   Company Information—Is it easy to contact you, find out more about the company, and take next steps? Missing this information is a huge credibility killer.

·   Links—Links that are intuitive, descriptive, and easy to find and use are a huge part of your user-experience. They say that 1-3 clicks is all it should take for me (a visitor) to find the information I’m looking for. Make me think too much about what I’m doing, and I’ll go elsewhere—namely the competition.

·   Navigation—This is the primary mode of transportation on your site. Making sure that it’s organized, descriptive, and clear helps your visitors have a better experience on your website. A better experience encourages them to stick around longer, increasing the likelihood of them doing business with you.

·   Graphics and Animation—I’ll make sure your website isn’t bogged down with oversized images. That your photos relate to the content. And that your users have the option of initiating any audio or video content that you offer

·   SEO Essentials—This looks at title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and mobile responsiveness. Your usage of keywords plays a vital role here, too.

You also get a review of your content strength through…

The 5 C’s of Content That Works:

The 5 C’s of Content that Works is equivalent to a doctor’s diagnostic checklist. It’s a super handy tool that has organized the anatomy of successful websites into 5 categories.  

I use this to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your website, providing you with clarity on what’s working…and what can be done better!

Here’s a preview:

1.  Customer-focused—You need to be having an intimate conversation with your customers, displaying your understanding of their needs with unique solutions.

2.  Competitive—Making sure the words you are using are related to audience searches, and that they are in key places throughout your website.

3.  Clear—Evaluating each page on your websitefor specificity, uncovering ways to minimize distractions and help the user focus.

4.  Conversion Optimized—Messages use language that your visitors use, motivating them to click and sign up, send in an RFP or RFQ, Contact You, etc.

5.  Consistent—Pages are connected across the site with a smooth flow and logical messaging.

Plus, you’ll get a peek at what your competitors are doing against the same checklists.

It’s Like A Roadmap to Improving Brand Loyalty Online

You’ll get to see what is working for you, and where you can improve.

Snapshots will be taken along the way to clarify explanations, and provide transparency through the process.

You’ll get to see:

·   where you rank in search engine results,

·   where your competitors rank in comparison,

·   and what each of you are saying to prospects to bring them into your websites.

You’ll know exactly what to do to get your website working for you.

Plus, We’ll Discuss a Custom Content Strategy To Uniquely Define Your Audiovisual Company and Boost Online Revenues.

I’ll sit down with you to review your document and develop an action plan to improve the content on your web pages site-wide.

Contact Me now to devise a Web Content Strategy for $1,000.


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