Presonus Faderport 8

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Proven Near-Universal DAW Controller Increases Productivity Eliminating ITB Production Frustrations

It’s the truth—users of the Presonus Faderport 8 are praising it for its intuitive DAW functions, and near seamless integration with several workstations, while eliminating production woes. 

Just check out what Joey from Texas had to say:


“I had no idea that my back muscles were pretzeled-up as bad as they were from mouse use. I would always get a knot or pinched nerve between my shoulder blade and spine. 


It's nice pushing, pulling, poking and twisting real buttons, faders and knobs. [The best part about the FP8 is the integration with S1-3.] You literally could almost get away with stuffing the mouse in a drawer.”  

–Joey K from Texas, January 11, 2017


Or check out what Martin Weeks says about Faderport 8’s influence on his production life,


“If you're like me you've done some kind of traditional recording in your career in a traditional environment. So, like me you're more comfortable with faders than a mouse…

By its intuitive use of banks, and transport buttons and effects control buttons, this device can:

•        speed up your work flow, 

•        make your edits much more precise, 

•        and allows for a more "real time" mixing/editing feel.

I've used midi keyboard controllers and they are nice but all too often I find myself frustrated with the reaching over to press buttons and then having to go back and edit channels and tracks one at a time.

This device will resolve all that, almost immediately.”

–Martin Weeks, Florida, December 8th, 2016


With improvements like these fella’s, what’s in store for you?

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With features like…

•        8 fully functional channels with motorized, 100mm long-throw faders, topped with high definition scribble strips that save you from back cramps, finger cramps and session disorientation, 

•        Complete recording transport and automation controls, that are as simple as the press of a button (and the flick of a fader). Further improving your tracking efficiency so you can capture all the best ideas,

•        Plus, expanded fader functionality giving you the option to edit your plug-in’s, bus sends’, and pan settings with smooth, accurate feel helping you engage your ears more than your eyes.

The Faderport 8 could be…

The Mixing Surface That Takes You to the Level Up Above, the Level Up Above

Aside from all of its workflow enhancing features (there’s a TON more we’ll talk about in a bit), the beautiful thing about the Faderport 8 is that it brings the essence of music back to your DAW based set up:

•        Enjoyment

•        Listening

•        And Feel

All of its functionality is built around this premise. Helping artists, engineers, and producers get more ear time and feel into their productions.

Like Matty Trump says, 


“I feel the less visual we can be with music and the more we can focus with our ears, instead of our eyes, the better our mixes will be and the more musically creative we’ll be.” 

And to make sure you’re 100% in the pocket, Presonus and

Presonus has put together a special deal…

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Presonus Studio One 3 Artist is Included FREE for Seamless OTB Workflow Enhancement

That’s a $99 gift to you so you can enjoy your productions more deeply, listen creatively, and produce with feel. 

Studio One has been designed with DAW migrators in mind. Helping you steer clear of the cliffs and pitfalls that come with learning different editing suites.


By including the keyboard commands for other major DAW’s in Studio One’s settings. So, all you have to do, is:

•        Find your DAW’s keyboard map

•        Select it

•        And continue as you were..

Oh, but with the added functionality of your sweet, new control surface. Using Studio One and the Faderport 8 together, you get extras like:

•        Single button plugin bypass—helping you make quick decisions about your processing choices,

•        Custom Macro control on faders—expanding your creative control over channel FX with the feel of those sleek faders,

•        Assignable Link Parameter, and Pan Parameter encoders—letting you dial in your mixes with greater ease and finesse.

•        And more!

With a $99 software gift, and tight control surface integration you’d think that’d be enough. But if you contact your sales rep today, Sweetwater has got a deal for you.

Get a 16.67% Savings Today—that’s $100 off MSRP!

Normally, the Faderport 8 goes for $599.95. But by going through us to make this purchase, we’ll give you $100 off as a way of saying thanks for doing business with us.

If you choose to stretch it out over 3 months, that’s just $166.65 a month. Or $5.55 a day.

If you get 2 tall lattes from Starbucks each day, you could stop for 90 days and pay for this bad boy—easy!

Give us a call to talk with your sales engineer to see if the Presonus Faderport 8 is right for you. 

Or you can…

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Tech Specs

Type                 DAW controller

Faders                8 x 100mm, motorized

Transport Controls      Yes

Computer Connectivity USB

USB                  1 x Type B

Control I/O            1 x 1/4" (footswitch)

Mackie Control, HUI, native control


of Studio One

Hardware Requirements

Intel Core i3 or higher


Hardware Requirements

Intel Core i3 or higher


OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later

OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 64-bit or later

Power                12V DC power supply

Height                2.25" 

Depth                13" 

Width                12" 

Weight               5 lbs. 

Manufacturer Part FderPort8