Martin 000-15M 6 String Acoustic Guitar

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Jazz Orchestra Body Style Proves ROI through Skill Growth and Musical Enjoyment

Did you know that Martin’s original 12-fret 000-size guitar was modified during the Great Depression? (by lowering the waist and giving the upper bout more acute curves) Why does this matter you ask?

Because it caused the neck joint to fall at the 14th fret, rather than the 12th. For easier access to higher notes. 

It was designed this way so it could…

•        find its place in Jazz Orchestras,

•        It was meant to replace the banjo, 

•        and to be played with a pick in those scenarios!

The body shape modifications, and longer neck became Martin’s standard across most of its guitars. Shaping the rest of the guitar industry’s models, too.

Pretty neat. 

It’s a great example of the Martin company’s innovative drive, and commitment to serving artists the best guitars in the world.

Usually, Martins come with a pretty hefty price tag…(D-28’s, Martin’s standard, MSRP for $3,299—Ouch).

But once again, Martin shows its commitment to quality innovation by keeping

•        build quality, 

•        playability, 

•        and heavenly sound top notch.

While garnishing a price reduction.

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But don’t take my word for it. Check out what David Patton has to say about the 000-15M:


“This 000-15M, that I picked out online, is the most… sweet and even sounding acoustic guitar I've ever owned. No frills, just a simple guitar that has an intimate rich midrange tone.”


At $1,799 MSRP, the 000-15M gives you…

Classic Look, Superb Playability, and Heavenly

Sound at a 45.5% Discount

Think about it. A D-28 retails for $3,299! You could save nearly half of that by purchasing this beauty and get features like:

•        Simple Dove Tail Neck Joint optimizes the transfer of resonance by connecting the neck and body with more surface area. With the improved sound quality (compared to their Mortise and Tenon joints) you’ll naturally gravitate to playing more, leveling up your abilities, and getting more enjoyment out of your jam sessions. 

•        000 Body Shape Joins Neck at 14th Fret extending the number of frets clear of the body so you have easier access to the higher register of the instrument infusing you with inspiration and creativity.

•        Solid Mahogany Body often described as soft, and warm with rich overtone detail, the solid mahogany tickles the inner ear with its pleasant mid-range tone, fighting ear fatigue so you can play and listen for longer.

•        Modified Low Oval Neck Shape offers a slightly wider, thicker neck shape, than the low-profile shape, for those who prefer a little more of a handful.

•        A-Frame “X” Top Bracing Pattern adds strength to the solid top, extending the life of your guitar body, so you can save money while you collect an aging guitar.

It’s easy to see that this is a guitar worth every penny. And since you are ordering with Sweetwater, we’ve arranged an extra

22.2% discount—just for you.

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Order the Martin 000-15M Today, Save $400 off MSRP

That’s just $1399 (57.6% discount compared to purchasing a D-28). 

And to make our offer even more bullet proof we’re giving you a few bonuses:

•        55-point evaluation ensures your guitar is in perfect condition when it’s shipped out from our warehouse to your front door so you can have peace of mind.

•        Free Shipping 

•        Free Tech Support so you can string, clean and care for you guitar properly and easily.

 A 2-year warranty guaranteeing that if your 000-15M is damaged in any way within 2 years, you can send it in to our factory for repairs and get it back fast, for no additional charge to you.

Plus we won’t collect sales tax on orders shipped outside Indiana.

Your playing fantasies await you. Talk to your Sweetwater rep today to find out if the Martin 000-15M is right for you.

Or you can…

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Tech Specs

String Type


Number of Strings


Body Shape

000-14 Fret

Body Style

No Cutaway







Top Wood

Solid Genuine Mahogany

Back & Sides Wood

Solid Genuine Mahogany

Body Bracing

A-Frame ''X'' 5/16" Solid Sitka Spruce

Neck Wood

Solid Genuine Mahogany

Neck Shape

Modified Low Oval

Fingerboard Material

Solid East Indian Rosewood

Fingerboard Inlay

Diamonds & Squares - Short Pattern

Number of Frets

20 (total), 14 (clear)

Scale Length


Tuning Machines

Nickel Open-Geared with Butterbean Knobs

Bridge Material

Solid East Indian Rosewood

Nut/Saddle Material

Bone/16" Radius Compensated Bone

Nut Width


Body Length


Body Width


Body Depth


Overall Length



Martin MSP7100

Case Included


Manufacturer Part Number