Why Work with Me?

I’m Kind of Obsessive. A Little Analytical. And Serious About Writing You Content That Gets Results.

At AV Business Communications, following the signal is what I care about. In business, this translates to the quality and number of clients, leads, and sales your business is generating. If you aren’t getting a strong response—i.e. a weak signal, or NO signal—then it’s likely because of the quality of information you’ve provided to the buyers in your market.

Les Brown says, “If it’s [your life] a hit, you’ve produced it. If it’s a flop—YOU’VE produced it! Fortunately, I can help you produce a hit…


Stand Out AV Industry and Grow Your Business.


By isolating and amplifying the most essential elements of your story, and mixing them into a balanced cohesive whole. Just like engineering music, an image, or a live event. That’s what effective web copy is ALL about.

When you work with me, you get a writer whose dedicated to crafting web content that sounds as good as it is written—clear, relevant, and concise—helping you build authority, and credibility while generating leads and sales.

The beginning of each project starts with me visiting you in your workplace or scheduling a phone interview. The goal is to uncover the stories behind your intentions, processes, services, and facility.

This means I’ll be asking you a bunch of questions.

Why? I’ll tell you:

·       It’s easy to overlook your work processes. These often seem normal, even mundane to you, but totally make you unique and interesting to others.

·       The successes you’ve had. The challenges you’ve faced and overcome. Everyone enjoys an underdog story, especially because most of us have had humble                beginnings. Sharing this stuff builds trust and relationships.

·       And the philosophy that drives you forward when you are keeping your ears to the ground.

With an H4N, a pen, and notepad, I’ll be able to record every part of our meeting—thoughts and all—to better develop the ideas that will influence your messaging and website.

After our get together, I’ll loop the recording. Solo the good stuff, and mute the other ideas that could muddy up the mix. Then present them to you until we hit satisfaction.

My approach for building your website is simple: Make recommendations based on what you’ve got going for you, and how these things fit in with web best practices. While shedding light on the things that make you different from everyone else. That way you stand out among the crowd.

If this sounds interesting to you, send me an email. That’s my preferred method. Or if you prefer, give me a call.