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Grow Your AV Business with Credible, Customer Focused Content.

I’ve been perusing a lot of Audiovisual Websites in Washington State. Want to know what I’ve noticed?

Many of them make this claim, “The Leader in AV…” or "The leader in Pro Audio..."

It’s not always in those exact words. But it comes very close. There isn’t any genuine differentiation in what makes each “The Leader.”

That's where I can help. I'll take your everyday process, and uncover the unique story that lies inside. This is what will truly differentiate you. 

And we'll make sure to pay extra attention to details like this:

2015 B2B Web Usability Report HuffKoMarketing.png

With an awesome story and user mindfulness guiding us, we'll do something amazing...and totally worth the investment:

Turn Your Website Into a Lead and Sales Generating Magnet that Differentiates Your AV Business From the Others.

These are the 7 steps that I follow to collect research, generate customer-focused content, and differentiate your AV website.

We’ll schedule a phone call, or I’ll email you a brief survey to review your current website (or lack thereof). I’ll provide some preliminary insights into what you have going for you and working against you. Then I’ll draft a proposal up for your project.

1.  Initial Contact and Proposal:

This will help you and I get clear on your company’s purpose, who you serve, and how you uniquely serve them. We will also look at keywords, site analytics, and get familiar with who your competitors are.

2.  Discovery Phase—The Web Purpose Brief and Online Research:

I’ll assess your current website through your prospects eyes. You’ll receive a written document that explains where you can improve and how to do it with your messages, keywords, and SEO.

3. Current Site Analysis—35-Point Usability Checklist:

At this stage, we identify your audience demographics, and the things that keep them awake at night. This information will help us craft intelligent messages that speak to their needs, and position you as an expert with the best solution to help them. We’ll create your call-to action, your offer, and what your primary keywords will be.

4.  Key Message Clarity—The Web Creative Brief:

Now that we have your site purpose, I can start to lay out your content in a way that will be user-friendly, and intuitive. I’ll work with your web development team to generate a blueprint for your website that includes the number of pages, the information on those pages, and how they will connect to each other through the home page and lead gen/buying process.

5.  Information Architecture—The Site Map:

I’ll create a page-by-page graphical representation of your website. Showing where each message block will be framed. This will provide clarity for everyone involved in the development process. You’ll also receive your optimized messages and keywords. Once approved, the pages will be built with the messages incorporated into the page layouts.

6.  Detailed Content Map/Wireframe and User-Focused SEO Copy:

Once your website is up, you might get a warm fuzzy feeling that says to you, “I have arrived.” However…

7.  Marketing Plan—Content for Specific Tactics:

ATTENTION: An optimized website is an ongoing project.

In order to keep your site fresh you need to offer new content. This will keep your conversion cycle strong and healthy, steadily increasing revenues and automating the sales process.

I can help market your site through several other offerings (Blog posts, articles, landing pages, banner ads, e-newsletters, and direct mail.)

*This method was taught to me. I am not the originator of these ideas--I am implementing a method that was developed by a veteran in the web content business—that means its proven to increase revenues.


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