Improve Online Conversions by 459% with a Direct Response Copywriter

And the 7 Distinct Advantages Will be Brought to the Table…

If you’ve been:


•        Struggling with converting online browsers to online buyers…

•        Analyzing company metrics thinking, “When am I ever going to have the time and resources to improve these numbers?”

•        Or if you need to deepen the pool of available resources…


I’ve done a little research that separates direct response copywriters from the herd of writers out there, making the hiring decision for your future projects smoother and easier.

Why are direct-response copywriters valuable when working through a marketing campaign?

I like what John Carlton says:

“The Direct Response Copywriter is the dude who understands how to write copy that will ask for an action. Real salesmanship applies. In nearly all ‘big’ entrepreneurial jobs, this is the kind of writer you want.”

And since direct response copywriters leverage research (we’ll talk about that in a minute), you can expect them to find little nuggets that constantly improve their work.

Consider this, shared 5 proven discoveries that strengthen copy:



1.   You have 7 seconds to show customers what’s this exchange for them. Lead with what the customer will value most about your product to drive conversions by 188%.

2.   Build the problem before presenting the solution. This helps prospects honestly determine if your product is right for them. This alone can help increase sales by 36%.

3.   Clarity trumps persuasion. And can boost conversions by

59%. This discovery was originally found through Marketingsherpa’s efforts. We’ll talk more about this in a minute, too. 

4.   Decreases in page-length can increase conversions by 54%. But in cases where product costs are higher, more copy has produced better results.

5.   Define the purpose of each piece prior to writing. This can boost click throughs by 7%, and product purchases by 125%. Or as they put it, “Asks must align with expectations.”

Altogether, implementing these five proofs can tac on an additional 459% to your conversion rates. Pretty powerful stuff.

Keeping these things in mind, I think we’re ready to move forward to the 7 advantages a direct response copywriter brings to the table, revealing how they are uniquely equipped to help you boost conversions by 4.59 times.

1. Give Prospects Clarity to Boost Response by 59% With Research and Purpose

A principle that all direct response writers incorporate into their workflow is to begin with the end in mind. To do their research. 

Why is this important? conducted a survey asking respondents, “What’s most important to you in a company’s communications?”

37-52% of respondents aged 18-65 overwhelmingly responded,

clarity—I understand what it means.” 

Here’s the graph (you can click the it to link to the article too):

Marketing Sherpa Graph.png

By conducting research and defining project purposes direct response writers infuse clarity throughout your communications. You should expect questions, or a creative brief questionnaire, about:



•        The company’s history and who the company serves,

•        The company’s products and services, and how they serve the company’s audience best,

•        And the goal of each piece of copy, web page, or content that the company needs to have generated.

Furnishing this information up front, your writer can carefully craft copy that will get you a desired action. And it will be measurable, so you’ll know if you’ve got someone who can get your content to work for you.

2. Boost Prospect Engagement and Drive Action with The Power of a Conversational Tone

Writing in a one-on-one style is another hallmark of a trained direct-response writer. 

The folks at AWAI like to call it the Barstool Test. 


Imagine you are sitting down with a friend at a bar, having a beverage. 

Clink. You cheers and take sip.

Clunk. Your drinks are down.

Your friend starts lamenting a problem, 

“I spent $1500 on this guitar, but the neck is a handful—and I can’t return it…” 

You think to yourself,

“I work for a musical instrument company that makes it easy to find the right instrument—and they have the best trade-in policy in the market place!”

•        How would you get from his problem to your solution? 

•        What questions would you ask? 

•        What kinds of words would you use? 

•        Do you have proof to back up what you say? 

All of this is considered by a direct-response copywriter. 


Because marketing is about friendship. Integrity. Honesty. And trust. 

Clarifying answers to these questions establishes a relationship filled with positive qualities. Your prospects will feel understood because you’ve taken the time to empathize with them. 

And by using clear, easy-to-understand language people stay engaged It gets them saying, “Yes, you really get me…what’s next?”

3. Evoke Head-Nods to Drive Conversions Through the Architecture of Persuasion

Persuasion is formulaic. If any step in the sequence is skipped, you’re liable to leave your prospects scratching their heads…or hopping over to another company [website].

Addressing visitor problems, moves them forward…charged with emotional energy.

Then a promise is presented. Whatever the promise is, it relates to the target audience’s needs and problems—providing a solution.

We’re in the business of making friends—that can only be done with honesty and integrity. 

Again, trained copywriters know to back up their claims with honest, genuine information that supports the promises they are making. 

Following with a request for a defined action. We are in business after all. And friendship is also about mutual exchange. 

Direct response writers also…

4.  Develop Big Ideas that Drive Action

Big Ideas are often simple…and easily over looked. In B2C, we might paint a picture of living a life filled fan adoration, writing, recording, and producing better quality music, faster.

Or a B2B company might offer a hardware/software solution that reduces studio footprint, energy consumption, and overhead with the convenience of fitting in your backpack (Softube’s Console 1 MKII anyone?). 

Saving the music professional money while saving them the headache that comes with reduced functionality when they’re on the road.

Whatever the idea is, it always relates to the initial research that is collected—and you can count on it being continuously woven throughout the messaging.


5. Build Brand Loyalty with Clear, Honest Communication

Again, friendship is what makes a business go ‘round. 

Think about all the salesmen you’ve encountered—say for example… Cutco Knives. 

They give an excellent presentation, demonstrating the strength or quality of their products (Scissors cut a penny in half…)

It’s impressive, but you just aren’t interested (you might have only agreed to the presentation under the pretense that these salesmen needed ‘practice’).  

Proper research on their part would help them understand your challenges, needs, and interests to begin with.

NEWSFLASH: No one likes to be ‘sold’. 

The “never take no for an answer” mentality takes over as they blast you, looking for a way to break your response.

That’s not how you make friends.  

Trained direct response copywriters understand their markets before they present an idea. Only after they’ve researched do they proceed forward with a promise and solution that is backed up with relevant, truthful information.

They also…

6. Connect with Professional Groups Extending the Pool of Available Resources

You’ll know a trained direct response copywriter when you see a few things like:

Benefit oriented homepage/webpage headlines that address prospects: Here’s an example: AV Companies Increase Revenues and Prove ROI with Optimized Webpage Content. We know who, what, and how right off the bat. Using specific language like ROI, and Increase Revenues shows this person has done their research into the challenges of their target audience.

Certification Seal from AWAI:

AWAI Seal.jpg

AWAI has been helping people grow as professional copywriters since opening their doors in 1997. That’s 20 years in the business of training people, through programs developed by some of the top minds in the marketing and direct response world (think Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Steve Slaunwhite, Nick Usborne, Rebecca Matter, etc.)

Membership Seal:


This is just ONE example of many different success groups. These places serve as networks for support, acquiring work, endorsements, and furthering professional development. So, you can have the peace of mind that comes from working with a connected professional. 

Oh! And if you ever need more writers for projects, you’ll have a convenient solution to finding the right people quickly, and easily.

Which leads to the final advantage of hiring a trained direct response copywriter.

7. Support the Longevity of Your Company With a Self-Educating Professional 

With the exponential rate that technology, the internet, and user expectations are growing, it is imperative that businesses stay on top of these changes.

But, if you don’t hire writers who are also constantly educating themselves, and are merely, “staying quiet, along for the ride,” you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot.

Carrying the weight of a person who is so afraid of change that they won’t even participate in growth.

A trained direct response copywriter is aware that change is constant. And by 


You can have faith that you are working with a professional who is about helping you manifest the long-term, big picture vision you have for your company through effective communications.


•        belonging to industry groups,

•        displaying certifications, and testimonials,

•        and having a website that is optimized for their own businesses… 


Ready for Your Marketing Campaigns to Prove ROI and Increase Revenues?  

Hire a Direct Response Writer. They are trained to build solid relationships through research, and big ideas. 

Together you’ll define the purpose behind each project, building your credibility and brand image, which will maximize and drive measurable results. 

Plus, they often come with a solid network of capable talent that you can fish from when you need more help.

For a reasonable investment, considerable returns await you.