Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know how a certified Audio Visual content writer and advisor can drive more website traffic, leads, and sales?

Check out these answers for more clarity.

Q: What does it cost to hire you?

A: Cost varies on a project by project basis. I’ve included pricing on each of my services pages to provide a ball park idea.

Many factors need to be considered, though. Depending on the amount of content you already have developed that needs optimizing. The quality and condition of your website...

All of these factor into the process and scope of work.

Here is a list of base prices, so you know what to plan for:


·   Website Planning/Consulting Services: $1,000

·   Home Page Content: $1,000

·   Sub Page Content: $500

·   Landing Pages (Sales Page Content): $1,000-$5,000 (depending on the number of pages.)

·   Information Page: $500

·   SEO Copywriting Fees

  • Single page: $400

  • Small website (5-6 pages)-$1,800

·   Inquiry Form Content: $750

·   Strategic Analysis & Report:  Normally $1000.

Q: You've only been doing this since 2016, why are your rates so high?

A: There are a few reasons for this. First, you can hire a Joe-shmoe copywriter who doesn't know the first thing about targeting an audience for $8-$20/hr and waste your money; scratching your head as the small investment you just made turns into another, and another.

Or you can hire someone who has been trained to write content that brings up your bottom line from the get-go. Saving you time and money in the long run. (I wrote an article about this that you can navigate to and download).

I'm offering high quality products and services that will result in large gains for your business. This is in your best interest, and mine. 

Plus, there's no reason for me to undersell myself to undercut all the other serious professionals on the market.

Hopefully this helps you make the best choice for your company.

Q: What can you do for me—a PNW business owner in the AV Industry?

A: I can help you accurately tell your company’s story while optimizing your website to drive:


·   Traffic—by getting clear on the kinds of people you want to visit your site, we can increase the number of visitors that use your site which turns them into…

·   Leads—leads come once you establish yourself as a credible, trustworthy source from the traffic you have visiting your site. If you aren’t on topic with their challenges, needs, and interests you might as well say goodbye to…

·   Sales—sales come only after your shown your leads time and again that they can count on you. You’ve given them what they want each time they browse your offerings, helping them make the decision that you are the best person to work with.

Crafting messages with consistent tone, messaging, and following web best practices helps establish you as ethical, unique, and trustworthy in both your visitor's mind, and Google's.

Q: What do you mean ‘audience relevant content?’

A: When I say audience relevant content I mean customer focused.


·   In October 2016, asked 2 groups of 1200 people, “How much does [company name’s] marketing put your needs before its business goals?”

·   The results boiled down to this: Satisfied customers say the company’s marketing puts their needs before the company’s business goals more often.

·   While unsatisfied customers noted that companies seldom, or sometimes put their needs above its business goals.

Q: How many words should be on my site?

A: Search engines like to see sites that have meaningful content for the person doing the search. Therefore, search-engine experts say that optimized sites should have at least 250-300 words per page. This is true for home pages. Deeper pages within a site often have much more than 300 words – as many words as it takes to provide appropriate information, sell your products and services or convey the intended message!

Q: How do search engines work anyway?

A: Search engines serve as a clearinghouse for gathering and reporting information available on the Internet. “Web crawlers” analyze content on web pages and catalog it for search engines. Then the search engines rank websites according to complex algorithms that usually change each month to keep the listings fresh and relevant to the searches

So, for example, when you type in the keywords, “how to make a tie-dye shirt” in Google, the Google database runs through all of its collected files and documents and pulls up a list of sites that feature information about making tie-dye shirts

Q: What are your credentials—what experience do you have writing and in the AV Industry?

This is my background:


·   I am a certified direct-response, B2B and B2C copywriter. I became certified by American Writers and Artists Inc. in March of 2017.

·   My real-world web writing and business-to-business experience is nestled in this website and the courses I’ve taken through AWAI and their industry leading teachers.

·   I come from a background in Audio. I’ve been working in Broadcast Television for the last 5 years (think PAC-12, Root Sports, etc). Plus, I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Design Technology.

I’m also a student of writing, recording, and mixing music.

Working with me, you get someone who is experienced across a wide spectrum of events and productions that require Audio and Video Technology. From setting up:


·   stage monitors, and assisting with Line-Arrays,

·   consoles, microphones, and cameras,

·   and running DT’s/snakes, xlrs, triax, bnc, etc.

Oh! And a colleague shared this interesting bit of information with me the other day:

Two studies ran by Wellesley Group (2005) and Broderick & Co. (2008) found that companies who hire freelancers and employees look for:


·   Know-how in the hiring company’s industry.

·   And hands-on experience in the hiring company’s industry.

·   Note: both “cost of services” and “geographic location” were at the bottom of the criteria.

You can also take a look at my samples by navigating this link:

Q: What’s the process for helping me create or re-do my website?

A: I go through a 7 step process with each client:


·   Initial Contact and Proposal: we’ll have a conversation where we briefly review your website. I’ll share what you have going for you, and some areas that you could improve. Following up with a 3 page proposal breaking down our conversation and what comes next.

·   Discovery Phase: We’ll schedule an interview either by phone or in person. Fact-finding about yourself and your company will help me develop your story, delivering meaningful content.

·   Current Site Analysis and Recommendations: A review of each page on your website will show where your strengths are, and what could be improved to help boost response rates. Things like keyword optimization, use of headlines, subheads, and navigation flow are measured against web best practices.

·   Key Message Development for Target Audiences: How you are speaking to your audience should reflect how they are speaking and searching for you. This document will provide a roadmap for all your future promotions and content. Helping your communications stay consistent in tone, language, and focus.

·   Information Architecture: Implementing usability best practices to aid your website visitors quickly, and easily find the information they are looking for.

·   Detailed Marketing Content with a Content Map. Plus User-Relevant SEO Copy.

·   Marketing Your Site: Creating optimized landing pages, RFQ and RFP forms, and downloadable free content that will help prospects make buying decisions.

Q: How long does it take to write my AV customer-focused web content/website--what can I expect?

A: Another question with an answer on a sliding scale. It depends on the scope of the project. After our initial conversation we’ll have a rough time frame put in place. Adjustments will be made to tighten it up as we progress.

I follow a very clear process that I’ll outline for you in my proposal. It’s a step-by-step method to make sure you and I cover everything we need up front and then create optimized content within the design and functions of your site. 

Q: Can I ask for content revisions?

A: You can! You have 30 days to submit revision requests upon your receipt of the copy that I write for you. Revisions need to follow the same idea that we worked on throughout our process…

In other words, if you have an idea that goes in a completely different direction, we’ll need to discuss other options further.

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

A: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with my work, I’ll revise the copy to fit your guidelines at my expense.

Q: How do I get started with you?

A: Simple. Email me at

Or you can call me at (425) 877-6771.

We can walk through your project idea, check out your website, and answer any questions. Then I can provide a detailed estimate and a confirmation on the scope of work. This conversation and proposal are complimentary, and come with no strings attached.

And, if you contact me today, we can discuss a small project that I'll draft for you on spec. Test it out and discover what kind of results you get--on the house.