Digital Marketing for Company Websites in the Audiovisual Industry

A friend and fellow small business owner recently asked me, “I know I need to write a blog…but how does Google find it?” With the advances being made in technology, keeping up with everything can be overwhelming (and time consuming!).

Thankfully, you found me! Here's how I can help:

B2B & B2C Communications

While my main focus is websites, I can write anything from case studies, to direct-mail campaigns. I’ve been trained by the leader in the Direct-Response industry, AWAI. Working with me you get someone who understands both sides to potential buyers—the company title and the ego—and content that delivers verifiable results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the rise of the semantic web, the days of spamming keywords senselessly uncensored are gone. Google, Bing, and any other search engine are smarter. Looking at web content through a new algorithm that is influenced by human qualities like helpfulness.

Working with me, your copy will rank higher in search engines thanks to my SEO + Persuasive Copy know-how, writing words with Google’s current webmaster guidelines in mind.

Keyword Research­­

Tied in with SEO, you’ll get an extensive list of search terms generated to help position each website/page to get the most organic search engine traffic.

Content Strategy Advising

Understanding how a website flows, helps users find what they need easily, and gives information that gets prospects to say ‘yes’ to your RFP’s and RFQ’s.

From conducting an analysis of your website, to developing a key-message platform you get to work with a B2B professional who knows how to help you position, get serious leads, and convert.